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The v-color-picker allows you to select a color using a variety of input methods.


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The v-color-picker uses the v-model prop to control the color displayed. It supports hex strings such as #FF00FF and #FF00FF00, and objects representing RGBA, HSLA and HSVA values.

Adjust the elevation of the v-color-picker component using the elevation or flat prop. The flat is equivalent to setting elevation to 0.

Using the show-swatches prop you can display an array of color swatches that users can pick from. It is also possible to customize what colors are shown using the swatches prop. This prop accepts a two-dimensional array, where the first dimension defines a column, and second dimension defines the swatches from top to bottom by providing rgba hex strings. You can also set the max height of the swatches section with the swatches-max-height prop.

The number inputs can be hidden with the hide-inputs prop. You can also hide the mode switch icon with the hide-mode-switch prop. The mode can also be controlled externally through the mode prop.

The canvas can be hidden with the hide-canvas prop, and you can set its height with the prop canvas-height. The size of the selection dot can be controlled with the dot-size prop.

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